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Membership note: WISCONSIN SNOBIRD CLUB by-laws state "to become a Wisconsin Snobird you or your partner has had to at sometime lived in Wisconsin". In the case of a couple only one has had to live in the state.

The 2023 Snowbird season has officially begun and the Wisconsin club has lots of activities for members to enjoy.  Check out the photos and the calendar of group meetings. We participate in various fundraisers, potluck/picnic meals and of course golf and card playing.


2022-23 registration Tom Chestnut, our Membership Chairperson asks that if in the last two years you changed your mailing address or if you gave a street address on your registration form but get your mail at a Post Office Box that you send the correct information to Tom now so that the packet gets to you.  As in the past we will mail the packets via 3rd class mail to save money, however if the address is wrong the mail is NOT forwarded which means that you will NOT receive your Registration Packet.

"If you registered and paid your dues in 2022, you do not have to register or pay dues for 2023.  The members that did not register and pay dues in 2022, will receive a 2023 Registration packet in the mail."(you should have received this packet by snail mail in early September)

If you registered and paid dues in 2022 and you sent a self addressed stamped envelope with your dues, you can use that 2022 membership card in your lanyard in 2023 (the only ones printed last year in order to save money).  If you did not or do not send a self addressed envelope your name tags will all have 2023 on them in Alabama. Membership Chair Tom Chestnut at tac.smc.14@gmail.com [262-514-2932]. If you need the form and information you can download the documents by clicking on each of these links and saving the file(s) to your computer:

  1. 2022-23 Calendar (1-page PDF file) as of 11/16/2022) Google calendar updated also.
  2. 2022-23 Pre-Registration Letter and forms 5 pages (PDF file)

Print and fill out the Registration and the Survey forms and mail the forms and your payment ($4.00 payable to Wisconsin Sno-Bird Club) to Tom Chestnut, 906 Augusta, Waterford, WI 53185

Send email to the Webmaster if you have trouble downloading the files


(Posted 3/13/2023)  This year's  Wisconsin Snobird Club $1,000.00 scholarship winner is Cameron Cooper. Cameron is a senior at Gulf Shores High School. He will be attending Huntington U. major in business. His plans are to return to the Gulf Shores, Orange Beach area and start a business. His preference in businesses is a fishing charter business.  He will be formally awarded his scholarship on April 26th at the scholarship presentation at the school. 

Pictured with Cameron are Wisconsin scholarship committee members Jim Keoppen and Judi Pugh and Caeron's mother.


Winter Forecast as of 11/17/2022


Click here if you have changed your Email address, this will go directly to Kenn.


July 8, 2022 Click here to watch a video news article about the Gulf Shores airline service bieing delayed until at least the Spring of 2023.  



(Posted 4/02/2022)  The winner of the $1,000.00 Wisconsin Snobirds 2022 High School Scholarship is“Alex” Alexandria Barber a senior at Orange Beach High School. Alex will be attending Coastal Alabama in the Fall, going in Business and Accounting.

Presenting the Scholarship is Letha & Glen Seering and Jim Koeppen, members of the Wisconsin Snobird Club Scholarship committee.