April-June 2022 (4-02-22)

Wisconsin Snobirds
April 4, 2022


  • See front page of website for news of the Wisconsin Snobirds 2022 High School Scholarship winner
  • In my email of March 26th about the new fund raiser for the three Gulf Coast Fire Departments I ask for two volunteers to help with the tickets distribution. One was for a person to work with our Wisconsin Snobird Club and the other was to work with the other nine Snowbird club volunteers.  Well out of 840 members we have, you guess it no one volunteer. These two positions are about the two easiest job I have ever asked any one to volunteer for. Maybe you could take a look and see if you would like to move from a Wisconsin Snobird club PARTICIPANT to a  LEADER as a committee person.  If you do reconsider, email me and we can talk about any concerns you may have. (of the other nine clubs, 6 of them have found their club volunteers. Remember that Wisconsin is the largest club and three clubs have less than 100 members)
  • from Rachel Heldt: It’s been too long since we have seen each other so let’s have some summer luncheons to get the ball rolling. I would be happy to facilitate these meetings, but I will need your help. We usually choose a place where there are activities to enjoy, a golf course nearby, and a great restaurant in which to dine. If you know of such a place, please call or text me at (715) 571-6189. All suggestions are welcome. Rachel Heldt